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Perfect Brows ♥

w7 Brow Parlour ♥♥

Retails at €5.95

w7 are a brand that mimic more expensive brands such as Urban Decay and Benefit! This product has got mixed reviews and I think I know why…Its only major flaw is that the pigments need a little work up (a few layers). Otherwise this is fab! Unfortunatly as a blondie my eyebrows are almost non-existant!! So this product is perfect for me. It consists of 2 Brow Colours (light and dark brown) 1 Brow Wax and a Highlighter (My favourite part!), It even has a mini tweezers (so cute!!) and a double ended brush (spiral and angled). All this for €5.95- to be honest I would pay it for the highlighter alone. The brow wax was good quality too it done it’s job and kept my brows in tact for the full working day!

Top Tip: My advice to the darker haired girl or guy would be to use this along with a pencil.

Would I buy it again? Without a doubt its now a staple in Budgetblondies makeup routine!!

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