Resting those Tired Feet ♥

So I am attempting to get fit much to my bodies objections particularly my feet! This sent me in search for some at home remedies.. and I found some good ones! Whether you have been working on your feet all day or you just feel like those legs are in need of a pamper you have to try these!

First run a nice hot bath and pop these Radox Muscle Therapy bath salts in. I got these in my local Supervalu and they are amazing!!


A little goes a long way with these and at €2.95 a box you cant go wrong..I soaked in the bath for 15/20 minutes and let them work their magic!

You could just stop there and PJ up…but to make sure those feet are ready for another day I swear by Penneys PS Foot and Leg Gel!

image (2)

This really is a budget buy only €2 and worth every cent! It has a gorgeous but not overpowering peppermint scent. Its designed to soften skin and it does just that. If you take anything from this post buy this- Especially if your someone who is on your feet a lot you’ll thank me!

Budgetblondie xx

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