Go Nude Everyday ♥

Sooo despite the title I’m not suggesting you parade around in your birthday suit…but hey I guess that’s your call! I am talking about nude eye shadows and two palettes in particular. I am very jealous of those of you who can sport daring makeup looks at work..for me it wouldn’t go down too well. Its a conservative nine to five and so perfect for nudes! Nude eye shadows don’t have to be boring they really can be varied. Another amazing trait of the nude shades is that they can be fit to any season. It’s all about the build up, what suits your own style and of course need I say blending!! So I have many nude shadows but have chosen two that will fit in your handbag to touch up in work. One by Catrice and also a w7 palette.

The Catrice Palette I use is called Absolute Nude.

absolute nude

This palette has a nice range of colours but is lacking slightly due to the omission of matte shades! The first shade the light one in the above picture is perfect as a highlighter but does have a shimmer! Use sparingly under the brow (If you have seen my other posts I usually use the w7 brow parlour highlighter)

an inside

As you can see from the above picture the third shade in gets a lot of use!! Generally for work I use the second shade from the left as a base and then work the crease with the third shade- It gives a nice natural everyday look! If you want to glam it up or have a more definite shade work the last shade onto the outer eye and blend blend blend!

Top Tip: With this palette be prepared for fall out- This isn’t a massive issue with the lighter shades but have a fan brush or a bit of foundation on hand to touch up under the eye always helps!

Next we have w7 “In the Mood”

in the mood

This is another great w7 find. I love the packaging and again handy to keep in your handbag rather than their 12 shade versions. This palette has 6 shades and is one up on Catrice because it names them. So much easier to describe!

back w7

So we have Shrimp-Oops-Venice-Wink-Katie-Cargo

In the photo Wink looks quite red- Its actually a nudey brown!!! Here’s a look inside……in w7

The above photo gives a more realistic view of the shades! This palette has 5 matte shades and one shimmer shade (Shrimp) which can be used as a highlighter! Overall this is a good palette. Coming into winter the shade cargo allows us to build nudes into the daily makeup routine. The pigmentation is also surprisingly good .

Top Tip: Again with this palette fallout does happen so be ready!! The shade Cargo is also great as a brow powder!

Both of these Palettes are around the €5 mark you really cant go wrong!!!

Budgetblondie xx

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