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Juice Boost ♥

So as I mentioned I’m trying to change my lifestyle to a slightly healthier version! One of the best changes I have made is introducing fresh juices back into my diet..I used to always have a few of these a week but they faded out of my routine. There was only one reason for this I was lazy and I always hated cleaning the juicer!! But with the decision to embark on a new diet I said I’d give it a try again and I’m so glad I did…I really forgot how good they are!! I’ll put up more recipes but if your a novice to juicing this is a easy and delicious introduction!

You need: A Juicer (Mine is the Philips whole fruit juicer-No chopping!!), Apples (Any type this one was with Pink Ladies) Carrots, Lemon and Ginger

So what do you do? Juice the Apples-Carrots-Lemon-Ginger Simple ♥

photo (2)

Then Serve: I put mine in my Kilner Jar…you don’t have to I just think it’s pretty!!

This Juice tastes amazing! Its full of Vitamin C which is so important to keep colds away coming into the winter. Also ginger is a natural antibiotic!! Apart from all of that it tastes good and has no additives or preservatives ♥

Top Tip: If your like me and hate the thought of cleaning out the juicer daily fear not there is another option!! I make tons of Juice in one go at the weekends. I then pour into plastic bottles and freeze. Take your Juice out of the freezer the night before and your good to go!! 

More of these recipes coming soon ♥

Budgetblondie xx

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