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My Favourite Facial ♥


Retail €6.49

Available at most Boots

Says 10 facials- I generally get 10-12

This is amazing and perfect for relaxing nights! I always run a bath remove make-up and pop this on. It says to leave it on for approx 15mins-but after alot of trial and error- I found that 25mins works best! Saying that everyones skin is different mine is quite oily so I found that after 15 mins it hadn’t absorbed or dried! This brand has a few different facial options- this one is a collagen lift mask-maybe I’m easily led by brands but I swear I felt more youthful after one go…BUT that could of been the fab night of pamper time!!!

I use this weekly at least but can be used more often!!

LOVE this product definately on my desert island list♥♥

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