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Winter Woollies ♥

It’s that time of year again when the woollies need to come back out.. I know we didn’t get much use out of our summer wardrobe but I’m still hopeful as always for next year! One of the biggest things that your winter wardrobe needs is a coat!! Every year I spend half the winter looking for a nice coat while freezing and complaining!! So I decided to prepare myself this year and I was successful on trip number one! I went to Penneys on O Connell street and seen the one for me…A black jacket that skims the thighs, zips up the front and has leather panelling on the arms. I try to avoid too daring pieces and stick to classic colours so they can fit pretty much any outfit! It also has a hood I got a bit over excited about this but find it so hard to find a nice fitting jacket that saves my straightened hair! My hair goes curly and frizzy with the smell of rain- I’m sure some of you can empathize!! I have put a picture below to be honest it doesn’t do the coat justice! It’s also available in grey which is fab too but me and light colours don’t get on too well as I’m one of the clumsiest people ever born but it’s definitely worth a look for anyone that can wear lights without regular coffee stains!! The coat was €35 pretty reasonable seeing as Ireland’s winter lasts about 6 months… What’s Spring?!!

unnamed (4)

Again apologies for the bad picture quality but you get the idea!! I would say to go to Penney’s soon as this was the last one in my size- Nothing worse than seeing something perfect for you in the wrong size!

I originally went to Penneys in search for the gilet below-I found it! It was €25 I loved it in all the pictures I had seen but my god it didn’t love me!! Needless to say I left it behind I’m sure it will look great on some but not figure flattering on me! So the hunt continues for something similar!!


The one bit of advice I would give to anyone when updating their wardrobe is to try before you buy! I used to be the worlds worst for this but have learned that when I buy off the rail 50% of the things I bring home I don’t like and I often leave it too late to return them!! If anyone see’s a gilet similar to the one above I’d love to know where!

Budgetblondie xx

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