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Prime and Fine ♥

Today I’m going to have a look at one of Catrices Priming Products-  A  primer that promises to neutralise the glow I thank my Irish roots for-hence the name….

“Prime and Fine Anti-Red Base”


Retails at €4.99

Available in most Penneys/Primark Stores

I started using this last month. The Anti-Red Base is green in colour and goes on smoothly. The Green colour is scary but don’t worry with one layer or two it does neutralise those red patches. If you have strong red pigmentation you may need another layer, however I found that the more that was applied the green tinge could be noticeable and the skin starts to look lifeless- so I would not recommend this alone for anyone with strong red acne scarring for example. It does reduce the appearance of pores and also is hydrating as it says on the bottle. I must note that my skin is quite oily so for dryer skin the hydration may not be as intense!!

This does as it says and is a great affordable primer- I always moisturise first and then apply. One layer won’t cover all redness so I always opt for a second layer as I like strong coverage and then top with your usual tinted moisturiser or foundation! Its always foundation for me!!

Budgetblondie xx

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