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Simple Strobbing ♥

So I mentioned in my Contour Queen Post how Strobbing is being pushed as the new Contouring. In simple terms strobbing is basically highlighting!! This Boots Radiance Balm All Bright is a brilliant buy, it acts as a liquid highlighter giving the skin a natural glow similar to Mac Strobe Cream!


Retails at €7.00

Available at Boots

I love to contour but I don’t always have the time in the mornings. So when in a rush this balm is great as a base to your make-up to give you a dewy glow. This is particularly beneficial as we move into the dulling winter!!

In a recent blog I looked at Make-up Revolutions Ultra Contour Palette and mentioned the two baked illuminators (the last row on the right below)

unnamed (1)

You can use these especially the lighter shade to highlight further. Just remember with these less is more as they have quite a heavy shimmer. The banana colour (second row) is also great under the eye!

So why highlight??

Highlighting under the brow bone opens up your eyes- Great for those of you with small eye’s like me! (I use w7 brow parlours highlighter!). A highlight down the centre of your nose can create the illusion that it is straight. My favourite reason is for my lips! If you highlight just above your cupids bow it makes your lips appear bigger. Basically Highlighting can do a lot!

So how is it so different to Contouring?? It’s not really you are just highlighting the face and taking out the step of shading using dark contouring tones. It’s one step less than contouring and so can be more efficient Great for a rush but I’ll stick to Contouring when I have the time!!

I have just bought some Me Me Me products that can be used for strobbing/contouring..Review up soon!

Budgetblondie xx

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