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Amazed ❤️

So I had previously wrote about my love for Penneys peppermint softening foot and leg gel! It’s sooo good to unwind after a long day and lather this on!

It costs €2 and god it’s so worth it! 

Now for the next bit please don’t treat it as advice but it worked for me! I came home today after a veeeerrrrryyyy long day! I was trying to cook something quick and easy to prevent me from demolishing a sliced pan! I decided on healthy taco fries (recipe soon). On taking out my homemade chips from the oven my tea cloth slipped and the tray fell onto my hand! Sooo sore and not a great addition to my bad day! Everyone always says with a burn to run it under water for ten minutes. I always try this but with the little patience I have I usually give up after three. So I scanned the room looking for anything to ease the burn and seen the Penneys gel…now I don’t advise this grab and go technique but this time it worked! I put this on and my burn immediately cooled! It reminded me of the burn gel in the first aid kit in my hospitality days! Since then I have applied it every hour or so and there is not even a mark on my hand! I am soooo happy with this as a foot gel and even better that it now has a second function in my house!

Again this is how it worked for me everyone’s skin is different! 

Budgetblondie xx 

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