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September Skin ♥


So around this time of year we start covering up in our winter woollens and lots of us assume that our skin regime can go on hiatus until Spring, don’t do it! In Winter your skin care is as important as ever here’s why….

  1. Wind- The wind takes the moisture out of our skin. We have a tendency to moisturise more in the summer time as our skin is more on show. Keep it up through winter it doesn’t have to be an ordeal I use Johnson’s Baby Lotion straight out of the shower when the skin is slightly damp as it moisturises more!
  2. Cold Air- The cold winter air affects our circulation and this is partly the reason that we face dulled/pale skin in the winter! To combat this either ex-foliate or brush your skin.I dry brush my skin before showering and use my exfoliator at least once a week on my bath and pamper night!
  3. Sun- Even in the cold weather the sun shines so don’t forget your SPF! Also when it’s sunny put on your shades to prevent squinting as each squint helps those wrinkles form!!

Another benefit of doing this through the winter is that it saves on the pre summer panic! Your skin will be perfect all year round.

Budgetblondie xx

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