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Pampered Princess ♥


After a long week at work there is nothing better than an unwind. I know very few girls that don’t love a spa day…why do we love it?? We love being pampered and taking time to relax and escape whatever stresses we have. There can be a lot of causes of stress….a bad day at work, a hectic day minding kids, sickness the list is endless and each equally important…and sometimes we just feel we deserve it! I know every weekend I would love a spa day but its just not realistic but one thing you deserve is at least one hour of complete me time. 

So take that hour and spend it on you! I’ll give you a peak into my idea of an hour well spent…. First run the bath and light lots of candles in the bathroom I use tealights! I got champneys spa products in Boots yesterday on offer…The bath creme was €5 and the matching body lotion €4 total bargain for a range that emphasizes its Spa Quality. Now you don’t have to use these just letting you in on my night! I often use Lidl’s Cien bath foam!

bath creme

When the bath is running take off your make-up and cleanse your face! Then I apply my favourite face mask! I use Quick Fix Collagen lift it’s €6.49 in Boots it says it has 10 applications but I get lots more! You don’t have to use this…the sachets you get in chemists work well too…but this stuff really unclogs my pores and brightens my skin so I’m a big if you only get 10 applications it works out at 64cent a go!


Time to check the bath and make sure it hasn’t overflown! Before I pop in I always get a glass of water to bring in and a glass of Vino after a hard day- Red tonight ♥


Next Step-Lie back annnnd Relax

So when it’s time to get out it is so normal to just want to lay on the couch or bed but do this first and you really will feel amazing! Pat yourself dry and apply endless amounts of moisturizer! I love Rituals body creams because they last forever and have such a nice whipped texture..also they don’t break the bank! But tonight I used the accompanying lotion to my bath gel. I have to say the bath gel was amazing it’s from the exotic range and has coconut oil and ylang ylang not over powering and really gave that spa feel! The lotion is my new favourite and I started to panic that it’s being discontinued because it was reduced but hopefully not it’s my new favourite!!


Next…take off your face mask! I use a facecloth and hot water it’s so important then to use toner put it on a cotton pad it helps close pores after the steamy bath and the hot face cloth! Last step get into your cosy pajamas!! I always have a fresh pair and fluffy socks ready to get into especially coming into the winter!

We all deserve me time..this is a long enough read but it all can be done in an hour, nothing is set in stone use what you have at home. It’s the perfect at home treat any day ♥

Budgetblondie xx

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