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Back to Basics ♥

So I have been posting about strobbing, contouring pampering and it dawned on me we never explored the basics…how you clean your skin!! I have to admit I am seriously basic on this front but I do follow the same routine night and day everyday! Now there can be the odd case of a late night and too much Vino but I try at least to remove my make-up!!

I used to always use face wipes to cleanse for the convenience but started using Garniers Micellar water after a trip to Penneys and haven’t looked back! It honestly feels like water but is so effective! How to apply?…put some on a cotton pad and cleanse-simple!

unnamed (6)

You can buy two sizes one is approx €2.50 the bigger one approx €4.50 a little goes a long way. It lasts forever and really works this is now a staple in my routine!

Next Tone…So many of use forget this step- don’t!!!! It’s so important and really is simple!! It shrinks the appearance of pores and takes that extra residue away! I use Boots own brand cucumber toner. It’s cheap as chips (around €1) and feels so natural no synthetic smell! All of the cucumber range is fab and pocket friendly!!

unnamed (8)

Lastly I use Lidl’s Cien Anti- Wrinkle Cream it costs less than €4 and really does the trick! It smooths fine lines and wrinkles and acts as a great primer before applying your day’s makeup- Perfect!

unnamed (7)

This Cien cream gives a little tingle so do a patch test first!

And if all else fails and after a few glasses of wine you know this won’t happen leave a packet of face wipes beside the bed! Aldi’s Lacura wipes are moist and effective!!

Budgetblondie xx

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