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No Place Like Home ♥


I moved from my home town recently for the third time…something keeps bringing me back! I am such a home bird so I make regular weekend visits to catch up with family. Last month was probably the first time I appreciated how pretty our little city is.

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Kilkenny Castle is amazing, I felt like a real tourist sipping my americano and taking in the views. If I was anywhere else in the world I would be singing its praises but I guess we just forget when something is on our doorstep how amazing it really is. You could sit all day in the Rose Garden or walking in the vast park. Kilkenny is only one and a half hours drive from Dublin with trains and buses also going regularly. It’s a great town for foodies too with endless restaurants to choose from! I’ll fill you in on some of my favourites soon.

Budgetblondie xx

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