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Glossybox- The Style Edition ♥

Main GB

I am soooo late posting this I received Octobers box today and realized I never ran through Septembers! I was disappointed when Septembers arrived damaged..half of the enclosed eyeshadow was all over the box! But what a pretty box at that!!

So what was inside??

  1. Maria Nila Luminous Colour Hair Mask
  2. Invisibobble
  3. B. Cosmetics Contour Kit 
  4. Bellapierre Shimmer Powder 
  5. Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro

mask gb

So the first product I tried was the hair mask! It does bring out your colour and it smells amazing! This product is quite good but no better than my usual Argan Oil Mask which is a fraction of the price- This Retails at 18.95

GB contour

So next was the Contour Kit! I loved the Contour Quality but I really wasn’t impressed with the highlighter. I would buy this for the Contour powder alone though it reasonable at around a tenner! I’d recommend using Makeup Revolutions Highlighters!

invis gb

This is my favourite part of the box!! The invisibobble (3 pack), I didn’t like this for a pony tail as it looks like an old telephone cord! But it is amazing for top knots or a messy bun one of my go to hair styles!! It doesn’t catch your hair which is such a plus for coloured hair! I have and will continue to use this loads! For more inspo on possible styles have a look here.

The last two products were the shadow and brush! The brush is super soft and applies base shadow extremely well it’s overtaken my usual Lottie London one!

And the shadow….I disliked it for wrecking my box I’m also not a fan of the shade! However I still tried and tested it! The shade is not for me but I will be investing in some of their other ones as it really lasts with no smudging or creasing! I understand why many MUAs are fans!

Overall a good box and Thankfully Octobers has arrived unharmed!!! Yay!!

Check out Glossybox for yourselves:

Budgetblondie xx

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