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Cocktailfest Dublin 2015 ♥

So who doesn’t love a good cocktail?? I was so excited to hear that bars and restaurant all over Dublin would be taking part in Cocktailfest. Basically every venue had to create a new signature cocktail!

The absolute star of the show in my opinion was by Fire on Dawson Street. It had a distinct taste and name: Wild Mary vs The World. It consisted of Beef Leaf Liqueur, Colombian Gin, Cherry Marnier, Peychau Bitters and Apple Wood Smoke. It was fantastic to watch it being made and have a look below at the fab presentation!!

unnamed (1)

Also the Liqueur is made my a woman local to the Sleive Bloom Mountains-An amazing use of an old Irish Recipe! This was the perfect start to a fab dinner-which deserves and will get a full post to itself!! Why budget if you can’t treat yourself!

Budgetblondie xx

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