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Look Fantastic Special Edition No1

So firstly I want to address a common question “Your on a why buy subscription boxes?”. My honest answer? I usually buy so many things to test monthly and this saves me money and also lets me try things I may not usually pick up!! The boxes products always outweigh the actual cost of the subscription!!


The fantastic thing about Look Fantastic is you don’t have to subscribe you can buy boxes individually! They are currently doing a three month lead up to Christmas and by my first box I’m definitely buying the next one! I’d love to do one individual post on all the products but I’m splitting them simply because they really are great products that deserve more than a one liner!! I haven’t tested them all but a full review is coming very very soon!!

Here’s a sneak peak……

box and unbox

Full reviews on each product coming shortly apart from the token eye brush…It does have a good cause (I’ll fill you in, in the review post) but honestly I’m getting sick of these in subscription boxes. I could nearly sell them!!

Budgetblondie xx

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