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Classic Cocktails #1 ♥

Cafe en Seine is one of my favourite haunts and a must visit if your ever in Dublin! They do fantastic cocktails and the bar food is good too! I never leave this place without having at least one French 75. It is possibly the nicest cocktail ever! How nice does it look? Although I like pretty much anything served in a snipe!


This is a classic cocktail and so simple to recreate at home! I find that if a recipe is difficult or has lots of ingredients,I won’t bother to make it and will reach for a bottle instead! All you need is…..

45ml Dry Gin

10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

5ml sugar syrup (or a small teaspoon of superfine sugar)

Top up with Champagne (you can use sparkling wine either!)

It’s that simple!!

Just in time to buy your ingredients for the weekend!

Budgetblondie xx

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