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Styling Secrets for a Salon Blowdry ♥

I have tried and tested countless hair products. Currently I have over twenty in my bathroom…I’ll admit it’s a slight obsession but who doesn’t need a little hand on a bad hair day?!This post is going to review two styling products designed to make a straight blow dry that little bit easier.


First up we have the classic John Freida 3 day straight.

This promises to give you straight hair for three days or until your next wash. You are supposed to spray it on damp hair (7-12 sprays), Comb to distribute and then blow dry. You have to use hair straighteners to seal..admittedly straighteners are rarely recommended by stylists, but do as it says! It also says after day 1 use straighteners if desired.

The Verdict

I had to use close to twenty sprays due to my thick and long hair. This does actually leave your hair quite straight with very little use of the straighteners. Usually after a blowdry I have to section and straighten all my hair this did take the hassle out. It didn’t last 3 days, I think it’s a bit of a cop out to say 3 days straight but on the other hand to recommend using straighteners after day one if desired! This is great if like me you wash and style your hair more often than every 3 days because the straightness holds for one day only. This could differ in others again due to texture and thickness of hair. I still use this occasionally!


Next we have Umberto Giannini Salon Straight Blow Dry Cream. 

This is suggested for all hair types for a top salon style blowdry. To use the stylists top tip is to towel dry hair (like many products as extremely wet hair will dilute the product). To use simply blend through hair and blowdry. Simple!

The Verdict

I love love love this! No need for straighteners and it really gives that salon feel! I would advise to use this sparingly as when you over use your hair can feel weighted and it will get greasy quicker. Less is definitely more with this one..I’m happy with that it only means more uses per pot!

All in all Umberto wins for me. Its easy to use, you need less of it and it gives you that fresh out of the salon look!

Have any of you tried these? I’d love to know how they worked or didn’t in other hair types!

Until next time

Budgetblondie xxx

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