Speeding up that Salon Style Blowdry ♥

So as a bit of a follow up to my last post this post concentrates on one multifunctional product to make that blowdry oh so easy! The product in question is Got2B Styling Spray which is part of Schwarzkophs’ Mind Blowing Collection. I always have been a major fan of Schwarzkoph, they are a brand that you can trust in terms of quality and generally are an incredibly priced brand.


This spray is branded with the promise to speed up the blowdry. It does just that, now don’t be hoping for dry hair in seconds! It’s not instant but definitely shaves a few minutes off, less time getting ready and less exposure to heat what’s not to love! To be honest I think Schwarzkoph are selling themselves a little short by describing this as an express dry spray as it does so much more! It’s also fantastic as a detangler and a heat protector! I absolutely love this spray! It’s the perfect multifunctional hair product and a staple in my routine. Another pro it cost less than €4 and lasts months! Have I convinced you yet?! If I have this stuff is available at Boots.

What’s your go to hair product?

Budgetblondie xx

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