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So at a glance your probably thinking another Body Shop Post….But no! These are from Penneys (Primark)!! I spotted these yesterday and couldn’t wait to try and test!! The Body Oil was €2.50 and the Body Butter €3.00. 

I am not a massive fan of body oils apart from using as a massage oil. However I heard that a few drops in the bath works wonders for your skin! So I popped a couple of drops in and afterwards lathered the body butter on my damp skin.

The Result?

I can’t recommend these products enough! They smell divine, my skin felt so soft and the texture of the body butter is so luxurious similar to a brand many of us know and love! I actually cannot wait to check out the rest of their versions. A bargain investment for soft skin-I’m predicting a sell out!!

Budgetblondie xx

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