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Hair Again! ♥

So I have seen this little product in so many magazines, on so many blogs and also it has been recommended to me by hairdressers: Percy and Reed No Oil Oil


It promises to add moisture and protect from heat styling! The holy grail for blondies!! Plus it adds volume or so it says!

So what did I think??

I really can’t comment on the volume my hair has too much volume an absolute life of its own so this didn’t draw me to the product!! It did however give my locks a nice shine and I loved that it didn’t feel greasy- I have been trying to wash my hair every other day so I really am trying to avoid greasy products. The tagline works No Oil Oil!

I’m not sure if this is something i’ll buy again to be honest haven’t used it enough times to gage if it’s an essential yet! But I’ll let you know as always!

Budgetblondie xx

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