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Thursdays Teddy πŸ’ž

I have a new absolute love! For years my go to work Lippy has been Chanels’ Cocomadamoiselle…I have tried and tested so many lipsticks, I always go for bolder colours at the weekend and outside of work. I love a neutral lip for work so I can still lash on mascara and eyeliner to hide those blondie lashes! My new absolute fav although an oldy in my makeup bag is none other than MAC Velvet Teddy! This is such a popular buy and originally I wasn’t that keen. But  I am loving this at the moment, probably because I am minimising bronzer/tan to leave my natural porcelain skin shine through! I have added a pic will notice it’s a picture of my lips not a swatch on my hand which is a massive pet peave of mine!!! I want to see the colour where it’s meant to go! 

Budgetblondie xx


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