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Happy New Year!!

Hi everyone! I haven’t blogged in quite a while but that’s the beauty of blogging that we can start afresh any time! I hope you all had a brilliant break, I know I did! I have so much beauty products to share with you typical after Christmas! I am also going to be sharing by… Continue reading Happy New Year!!

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Cocktailfest Dublin 2015 ♥

So who doesn’t love a good cocktail?? I was so excited to hear that bars and restaurant all over Dublin would be taking part in Cocktailfest. Basically every venue had to create a new signature cocktail! The absolute star of the show in my opinion was by Fire on Dawson Street. It had a distinct taste and… Continue reading Cocktailfest Dublin 2015 ♥

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Winter Warmer- Squash and Pepper Soup

This is my favorite ever soup recipe and the perfect way to warm you up on the coming winter days. It’s unbelievably simple too. I use: 1 Butternut Squash (Dice) 1 Red Pepper (Sliced) 1 Half White Onion Chicken Stock (You can use veg stock) How I make it: Add all Vegetables to the Pot… Continue reading Winter Warmer- Squash and Pepper Soup

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Simple Stirfry ♥

You need:  Chicken Soy Sauce Sweet Chilli Sauce Veg (I use half white onion, mushrooms, red pepper and spring onion) Fry Light Medium Egg Noodles (I use Aldis) How to make? 1. Cook Noodles as per pack 3-4mins 2. Brown Chicken 3. Add Veg  and stir until cooked 4. Add Soy Sauce and Sweet Chilli… Continue reading Simple Stirfry ♥


Monthly Recipe Rave- September ♥♥

Ravioli ♥♥♥♥ What you need ♥1 Pack of Ravioli ♥1 Can Chopped Tomato ♥Dried or Fresh Basil ♥Salt and Pepper You can make your own Ravioli but for a cheap, tasty and hassle free alternative try Lidl’s chiller Ravioli it really is tasty!!! 1. Cook Ravioli in boiling water for 3-4mins and Drain 2. Add… Continue reading Monthly Recipe Rave- September ♥♥

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Monthly Recipe Rave- August ♥♥

Pretty Easy Paella ♥♥ I love this dish such comfort food and guilt free!! You will need ♥Oil ♥Chicken ♥Paella Rice and Saffron (Tesco do an own brand) ♥Chicken Stock (1 Pint) ♥2 Tomato’s and 1 Onion ♥Cup Frozen Peas You Can Add Chorizo it tastes amazing but if going for the healthy vibe leave… Continue reading Monthly Recipe Rave- August ♥♥