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My Top Two Tips to a Smaller you! ♥

1. Prepare  I know, I know you have heard it before and it sounds so boring but one of my favourite phrases is… Preparation Prevents P*ss Poor Performance  It’s always recommended for a reason-It works!! My biggest tip for this is to batch cook and freeze. You don’t have to slave away by the cooker… Continue reading My Top Two Tips to a Smaller you! ♥

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Winter Warmer- Squash and Pepper Soup

This is my favorite ever soup recipe and the perfect way to warm you up on the coming winter days. It’s unbelievably simple too. I use: 1 Butternut Squash (Dice) 1 Red Pepper (Sliced) 1 Half White Onion Chicken Stock (You can use veg stock) How I make it: Add all Vegetables to the Pot… Continue reading Winter Warmer- Squash and Pepper Soup

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Cost Effective Cooking ♥

One of the biggest expenses coming out of your weekly or monthly wage apart from your housing can be what your putting on your table. I love food but would rather spend my hard earned money on experiences rather than my three square meals a day. Of course nutrition is important but it doesn’t have… Continue reading Cost Effective Cooking ♥


Monthly Recipe Rave- September ♥♥

Ravioli ♥♥♥♥ What you need ♥1 Pack of Ravioli ♥1 Can Chopped Tomato ♥Dried or Fresh Basil ♥Salt and Pepper You can make your own Ravioli but for a cheap, tasty and hassle free alternative try Lidl’s chiller Ravioli it really is tasty!!! 1. Cook Ravioli in boiling water for 3-4mins and Drain 2. Add… Continue reading Monthly Recipe Rave- September ♥♥

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Monthly Recipe Rave- August ♥♥

Pretty Easy Paella ♥♥ I love this dish such comfort food and guilt free!! You will need ♥Oil ♥Chicken ♥Paella Rice and Saffron (Tesco do an own brand) ♥Chicken Stock (1 Pint) ♥2 Tomato’s and 1 Onion ♥Cup Frozen Peas You Can Add Chorizo it tastes amazing but if going for the healthy vibe leave… Continue reading Monthly Recipe Rave- August ♥♥